Real Data

We have created an analytical engine delivering powerful visualization tools for medical pathways. This allows us to understand patient populations at unprecedented granularity so treatment can be customized to the patient.

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Real Insights

We measure the tangible value of products and processes in treatment to deliver actionable feedback from real clinical teams and data driving rapid process and product improvement.

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Real Results

We serve our partners and clients so they can deliver to their patients the best outcomes possible through rapid innovations and product/process improvement.  Our clients are armed with real-time knowledge of how their products and procedures perform under real-world clinical circumstances.

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It’s all about improved outcomes….

The medical industry must change.  Payment models are changing to orient medical care around the patient experience, not the billing code.  And, with the 21st Century Cures Act, the medical industry changed forever, and for the better.  Now, patient experience is the focal point for medicine.  Patient outcomes are not only measured, they are core to reimbursement.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has explicitly allowed for new data and genetic analysis tools and processes to better serve patents and creating new opportunities for industry.  Solutions should come to market faster.  Product and processes should be improved rapidly.  Costs for treatment can be optimized around the patient’s outcome.  At the end of the day, the patient benefits from this directly.  And, CQ Insights is at the core of this revolution in patient care through our clients and partners.  Contact us for information on how we can deliver continuous quality improvement to you!


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Our partners and clients enjoy great benefits that improve their margins and potentially reduce their liabilities by delivering the best treatment possible to their patients.

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