We Think Differently

Most medical companies are developed from reductionist science, where the outcome is designed to be the best fit for all patients.  This means some respond optimally, which the majority of patients don’t.  CQI is used as part of the actual patient care.  Instead of trying to prove/disprove a hypothesis, CQI strives to improve patient care within a give patient care process (pathway).  The data generated in this process are used to improve every aspect of the patient treatment and outcome.  The patient receives better care.  You receive clear, actionable intelligence on how to improve your product and reduce liability.

We find problems and opportunities you did not even know you had.

Our Story

CQ Insights is a healthcare data analytics firm offering expert knowledge and proven technology for improving patient treatment and services resulting in exceptional outcomes.  Our company provides data analyses and solutions in a context that defines, measures, and improves satisfaction for all stakeholders within the medical profession. CQ Insights analyzes a collection of real-world data from surgeons, hospitals, and academic medical centers to enhance decision-making processes, patient experiences, and reduce costs.  The company facilitates collaboration between healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies to the benefit of all.

Meet the Team

An outstanding team of medical and business professionals.  We understand the challenges of the modern medical industry.  We have a long and distinguished history of improving outcomes for patients and reducing the cost of medicine while reducing liability for our clients and improving their margins.  We stand ready to serve you.


Bruce Ramshaw, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Chairman and Chief Medical Officer. Chair of Surgery, UT Medical Center, Chairman, Surgical Momentum.

Systems science and entrepreneurship


Eric Dobson, Ph. D.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Angel Capital Group, former CEO, TrakLok Corporation

Big Data analytics, information systems, entrepreneurship


Jim Hart, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operations Officer, former EVP/COO, World Market, Inc. & VP, Operations, Angel Capital Group

Business information systems, data analytics, operations


Brandie (Remi) Forman

Clinical Director, Clinical Care and Patient Services

Clinical Director, Clinical Care and Patient Services, Surgical Momentum

Data collection, patient care, and outcomes montoring

Next Steps…

Contact us about how to rapidly implement product development, reduce liability, and improve patient outcomes and your margins.  We have proven we can do it for others.  Let us do it for you.